Welcome to 3Endurance


Welcome to 3Endurance

Whether you are looking to finish your first endurance race or improve your times, from beginners to top athletes, I can help you  to achieve your goals. Designing a specific training for you, planning your training and racing season with data driven analysis to guide "us" to reach the best of you.

Active for Life

I've been active my entire life, always enjoyed the outdoors and  have done plenty of sports. As teenager, mostly sailing boats and windsurfing and later kitesurfing that was my passion back in Brazil. In my early 20's I started to swim, soon running and racing aquathlons, right after triathlons that I got hooked. Fast forward, after living in different cities and countries for work, I returned to Triathlons when I moved to Dallas-Fort Worth in TX. Also love Mountain Biking, Marathons and ultras. 

I realized that in all sports I've done, I always paid attention in technique, how I could get better and naturally helped my friends and fellow competitors to improve. This was the motivation that got  me to study and learn from the best in endurance training, following USAT, USAC, Ironman, TraininPeaks, RRCA coaching certification.


No matter how busy you are, work, family,  you can make it and reach your goals. Combining Commitment and consistence with 3Endurance coaching support you will step on the start line ready and confident.

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